Therapy & coaching

For individuals, couples, parents & ADOLESCENTS

Acknowledging you need help isn’t easy. But the stigma around mental health is reducing every day. That’s why everyone from David Beckham to Barack Obama have reached out for help with their struggles. We set up the London Centre for Applied Psychology because we believe that getting support when you feel overwhelmed should be as normal as going to your GP when you have a persistent cough, or unexplained pain.

And let's be clear: therapy and coaching work. The overall effect size for therapy is larger than the success rate for flu vaccines and heart surgery. So, chances are, if you're in distress, we will be able to help, or point you in the right direction.

Coaching is recommended for when there is a defined issue, particularly at work, you want help with. Therapy is best for couples needing help in their relationships, and for individuals wanting to address something deeper: depression, anxiety, addiction, the challenge of parenting - or when something just doesn't feel right in your life.

Whatever you need, we'll guide you through what is likely to work best for you.

We offer help informed by the most recent research, to relieve distress, improve your life, and achieve your potential. We are trained in a range of psychological therapies, to offer you an evidence-based approach, tailored to you and your needs.

lcap clinic
lcap Clinic
More than 75%  of people who have therapy are better off than those who don’t.
75% of those who’ve had therapy would recommend it to friends and family.

Changes brought about by therapy are visible with brain imaging technology.
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