Psychologically informed coaching helps you develop self-awareness and insight to work out what keeps you from what you want to achieve. As well as clarifying your ambitions, it also helps you build the resilience and develop the emotional competencies you need to reach your goals.

Psychologically informed coaching provides you with the perspective and tools you need to navigate the challenges of work. It also helps you understand what is blocking you and how to overcome it. The British Psychological Society defines coaching psychology as aimed at ‘enhancing well-being and performance in personal life and work domains’.

Coaching generally works best for well-defined problems which relate specifically to work, or other areas of performance (such as sports, or the performing arts). While there is some cross-over with therapy, coaching is focused more on attaining goals and achieving personal fulfilment than alleviating distress.

lcap clinic
lcap clinic

We work with established and aspiring leaders to develop their potential, resilience and emotional competence. We also work with athletes and performers to manage their emotions, clarify their ambitions, and recover from set-backs. Coaching is somewhere you can drop your ‘game face’. Being able to be honest and open about your challenges is often the first step to overcoming barriers and problems, and being able to work towards solutions.

Coaching helps leaders, executives, athletes and performers make sense of the issues they face, identify options to address them, and develop and implement a plan of action. Recent meta-analysis suggest coaching is a very effective method of achieving change.