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External resources

We offer online training for those in the mental health profession at the London Centre for Applied Psychology.

A study showing changes brought about by therapy are visible via brain imaging.

NHS overview of how therapy and counselling work and what to look for.

The Lancet review of the effect of adverse childhood experiences on later mental and physical health.

Short, introductory video from Jacob Ham on attachment theory.

The School of Life also have short videos on attachment and other topics.

A popular podcast with leading attachment researcher.

How COVID has affected mental health - Prof Bentall, BBC Sounds: The Life Scientific.

New York Times advice on how to select a therapist.

​New Yorker interview with a prominent relationship therapist Esther Perel.

BBC interview with two well-known therapists trying to demystify therapy.

Research from the University of Cambridge on the development of mental health problems.

One of the most concise and useful books on CBT by Seth Gillihan.

The best book on personality change, by Dr Christian Jarrett.

The clearest description of what mental health is - and what it isn't, by Dr Lucy Foulkes.

The link between coaching and counselling.

The best overview of the evidence for coaching.